Sunday, August 21, 2011

#13 George Teague

13 more days till Bama kicks off the season!

George Teague first came to note as a college athlete in the 1993 Sugar Bowl on the University of Alabama football team. This game marked his first interception with a return for a touchdown. Five plays later, he raced downfield and caught up with sprinting University of Miami wide receiverLamar Thomas and stripped the ball from him in full stride, maintaining possession of the ball as he returned it upfield. Although the play was called back on an offsides penalty against Alabama, it effectively quashed Miami's effort to regain their offensive momentum: Miami was forced to punt soon afterward, and never mounted another substantial offensive threat in the Crimson Tide's 34-13 victory.

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  1. i will always be a fan of george teague , he was awesome in the 1992 national championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!